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There has been a new reformation of public thought, and it needs to be understood and dismantled. This is a community for those concerned about the new cultish religion of Wokeness*.

Here you’ll find an ongoing video series titled Travis Brown that will help you understand the origins of Woke ideology, why it has spread so rapidly, and what you can do to push back.

The series is dedicated to my friend, Peter Boghossian, and features people like him, Helen Pluckrose, James Lindsay, Douglas Murray, Asra Nomani and more.

The series will be telling the inspiring story of my friend, Corey Drayton, who survived terminal cancer and is now speaking out against the Woke racism he has been experiencing in the film industry. I’ll also be telling my story of growing up in a cult-like, fundamentalist Christian home and how that has prepared me to understand this problem we face as a society.

Paid subscribers will get access to a bunch of exclusive content including long-form interviews, important conversations, tips and guides on how to speak with Woke friends and family members and more.

Please poke around, check out the content and post your own! Anything related to your own experiences with the Woke phenomenon in your personal life, at school, church, the work place, etc. is encouraged. Please share and engage.

My goal is to help people have more insight into Wokeness and for this community to be one of support for those in need.

*To be clear - the original term “woke” generally referred to the idea of being awakened to injustice, and I think we should all strive for this. However, there has been a new substantiation of the term, and it now often serves as a catch-all phrase to refer to far-left “social justice” ideology that has come from our universities. This is how I’m using the word here, and I capitalize it because, like John McWhorter, I believe it to be a new religion and worth separating from the original usage of the word “woke.”

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